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Abbotsford residential fencing products

Residential Fencing

Protect your investment with Fencing from Fraser Valley Steel & Wire. At Fraser Valley Steel & Wire, we offer residential fencing systems that many homeowners in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are raving about. There are many advantages to using steel fencing.

Durable and Cost Effective

One of the main benefits is its durability in our climate. Heavy winds, rain, sleet and snow over time can rot and warp a standard wooden fence. Constant repairs and maintenance such as sealing, staining or painting cost valuable time and money. Steel fencing is heavy and strong and won’t collapse easily or corrode.

Privacy and Curb Appeal

Achieve some privacy from your neighbours with metal fencing lined with crawling floral vines. Modern curb appeal and aesthetically pleasing landscaping can also increase the value of your home.

Security and Protection

For large properties and hobby farms in the Fraser Valley, having steel or wire fencing products, even electrical fencing lining your perimeter will be essential for providing general security and for keeping your animals from escaping. Protect your family by deterring a potential break-in with a steel fence and gate or by using barbed wire fencing. With steel fencing children and small pets can be contained safely. Any residential property with a pool will be required by law to have fencing. Steel fencing is commonly used in a pool area for its durability in wet conditions.

Custom Design and Quality

At Fraser Valley Steel & Wire, we have partnered with industry leading suppliers for guaranteed satisfaction. Steel and wire fencing systems offer versatility with custom design options. You will have input with regards to size, shape, colour and style. If you’re in the market for installing a fence or perhaps facing a dreaded repair to your existing fence, contact Fraser Valley Steel & Wire Ltd.

Fencing products in Abbotsford

Fencing types available

  • galvanized chain-link
  • vinyl coated chain-link
  • barbed wire
  • electrified
  • welded wire fence

Steel fencing products in Abbotsford

Partnering with
industry-leading brands

Abbotsford agricultural fencing products

Agricultural Wire Fencing

Agriculture and farmlands today are offered a wide variety of innovative equipment, machinery and various products for cost saving solutions and increasing productivity. Wire fencing, which was introduced in the mid 19th century, has also come a long way in recent years offering producers a wide array of options. There are two main purposes for agriculture conventional wire or electric fencing.

Protection of Confinement of Live Stock

Weather you are installing wire fencing on your property for the first time, or replacing old corroded fencing, the planning and choice of a wire fence should be carefully considered. Safety and security of the livestock would be the most important consideration. Cattle, sheep, horses etc. would all have specific requirements for fencing, where if not followed properly the animals are put at risk resulting in injury or death. Wire fencing for livestock acts as a barrier to block highway access, frozen ponds or ravines. Dividing pastures with wire fencing provides protection and safety of the farmers as well as the animals from one another if they cannot share the space.

Setting Boundaries

Establish a fixed property line and create boundaries on your land with wire fencing. Wire fencing offers long life and low maintenance. The diversity and durability of wire allows us to design fencing at a wide range of dimensions. With a variety of wire and electric fencing choices, you can achieve maximum effectiveness. Our experienced and reputable partners can help you determine the most suitable wire fencing solution.

Fencing and caging types available

  • Wire Mesh Caging
  • Livestock Fencing: Cattle, Horse, Goat, Sheep
  • Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Fence Panels


  1. Rubber Stall Mats
  2. Watering Troughs
  3. Tubs & Pails
  4. High Tensile Fencing